Survivor Stories: Savannah Loosestrife Austris

-A little about yourself?-
Well, i am 39 years old(Be 40 in late July). Been with my husband since i was 18. Step mom to 3. I am one of 9 kids(my parents believed in a large family).

-Survivor or Caregiver or both?-

-What would you like to share about your fight??-
Myself- Well, i was 18 when i found a pretty massive lump in my left breast. So they took it away. After that, all normal mammograms since then. BUT fast forward to 2009. Went in for my normal lady exam. I believe May 25th we had gotten a phone call that we needed to come in the office. Myself and my mom went to this appt. Thats when we heard those words, You Have Cancer. So June 3rd i was taken back for what we thought was or a laproscopic hysterectomy. Nope, that didn’t happen. The doctors went to discuss with my husband and family. They had to do a full radical abdominal hysterectomy. Had to have 30 chemo and 21 radiation treatments. And here i am today!
As a Caregiver- April 2018 my amazing mom went for a mammogram. The dr had called with a date and time for my mom to go get a biopsy. A few days after that, we got a call to go meet with a surgeon. When we got there for moms appt, We had also met a Oncologist and Radiologist. Mom did indeed have Breast Cancer. May 14th my mom went into surgery for a lumpectomy. Approx 3 weeks later she started Radiation treatments. She had her last one on July 30th 2018. Since then, the only issues is scar tissue from the surgery and for the radiation treatments. She did have a whole lot of infections. But the doctors had said that is normal. But a year later, Mom is still cancer free!

-How has your life changed since your own/or loved ones diagnosis?-
I never take anything or granted. I always make sure to tell my loved ones I Love You, no matter what!

-What keeps you going day after day?-
My friends, My family.

-Do you have any advice you would like to share?-
Never give up. Always be brave. Be strong!

special thanks to Ari Anatine for conducting this interview!

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